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We can cater to your most specific requirements from TV aerials

Here at AAS Advanced Aerial Services, we know that a TV aerial is never just a TV aerial. It is, instead, a ticket to a world of entertainment. Whether you live in Bedford, Corby, Kettering, Milton Keynes, Northampton or Peterborough, and whether you are looking to have a complete installation undertaken for the first time or have certain issues addressed with an existing installation, you can expect the highest standard of service from us.

Our team is renowned for installation, servicing and repairs

If you would like to have an entirely new TV aerial installation undertaken at your property, you might be interested to know that we stock sophisticated, up-to-the-minute TV aerials suitable for high definition (HD) viewing. HD aerials are the ones to pick when you wish to be assured of the highest quality signal in readiness for many years of viewing HD programmes.

However, we can also greatly assist those with an existing TV aerial installation who could benefit from our considerable expertise in both repairs and servicing. Aerials that have snapped or loosened can result in freezing pictures, pixilation and missing channels. Our experienced and well-qualified professionals can be depended on to carry out the work to ensure you can quickly begin to enjoy your favourite shows again.

Whatever your situation or preferences, we can help

When we say that we can provide a wide range of installations, we aren’t lying. If your property is of an especially great height, for instance, you may have been told by other TV aerial and satellite companies that they simply can’t install the aerial in the required location. We are different, as we are certified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to work at height and have also obtained City & Guilds and NVQ qualifications. It means that we can install an aerial even at high heights in a manner that is safe and does not cause damage to your building.

Or perhaps you specifically need us to install some TV aerial bird spikes to deter the birds that are currently perching on your TV aerial, or would like to have additional TV points fitted in your home?

It’s all possible with AAS Advanced Aerial Services, and all that you have to do to get the process underway is get in touch with us online or by phone today. We are convinced that you will be amazed by the competitiveness of our quotes for even the most specialised of work.




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