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5 Great Reasons To Have Security Lights Installed

For some of us, it might seem obvious why you would elect to install security lights, particularly if you live in a high-crime area or have recently been a victim of a crime and wish to prevent it from happening again.

But not all of the reasons to have security lights fitted are obvious ones. Here at AAS Advanced Aerial Services, we thought we would outline just a few of them.

1 – To Deter An Intruder

This is the big justification that most people have for installing security lights. A would-be burglar approaches, the light comes on and they are wary of being spotted, so decide not to continue with their prospective wrongdoing.

However, to maximise this effect with your security lights, it’s important to think about where exactly they are placed. Could you have them placed in a way that helps to put the criminal in full view of neighbours or passers-by on the other side of the street?

2 – To Enhance Your Safety

Often, security lights can be a great investment simply for the peace of mind that they help to provide.

If you know that, at the very least, when a potential intruder walks up to your property, they will be flooded with light that draws attention to themselves and their actions, that may in itself be a great reason to have security lights fitted.

3 – To Help Investigate An Incident Outside

Let’s imagine that you’re at home at night and you hear crashing, banging or shouting. Maybe your door has juddered a bit, but everything then goes silent. What’s going on?

You don’t necessarily need to leave the safety of your home to answer that question. Instead, have a quick look through your window, peeking through your curtains, at the scene now illuminated by your security lights.

Even if the miscreant or would-be miscreant is now fleeing the scene, you may pick up useful details about their appearance and actions to report to the police.

4 – To Deal With Callers At The Door

Of course, not everyone who approaches your home at night is necessarily a hostile presence. They may be a neighbour, coming to knock on your door with a parcel that was left with them due to your absence from the property during the day.

Whatever the reason for someone walking up to your property at night, a security light can help to make clear to you when you look out of your window that they aren’t a budding thief.

5 – To Illuminate Without Wasting Power

As security lights come on when they need to and come off when there is no longer anyone outside your property to activate them, they use their power efficiently for the purposes for which you have had them installed.

For more information about the motion-activated (PIR) LED security lights that we can provide and install at your property, together with a competitive quote, simply give the AAS team a call today on 07989 679 907.

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