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TV Wall Mounting

AAS Advanced Aerial Services Ltd are professionals when it comes to wall mounting your TV. No matter what size of TV you have, we can provide a bespoke install which not only looks great but frees up floor space as well. The method of TV wall mounting will differ for everyone depending on personal taste and the look you want to achieve. Wall mounting varies from relatively simple installs that take an hour, to more complex installations that can take over a day.

There are various ways to wall mount your TV and run the cables. We've included some examples of installs below.


This is the simplest and cheapest way to wall mount your TV with trunking attached to the wall to hide unsightly cables.

Wall Mounted TV With Trunking

External Conduit

You way not want trunking fitted, or maybe you have just decorated and don't want holes cutting into your wall to feed cables through. In this case external conduit can be fitted to run power, HDMI, & TV/SAT cables discreetly.

Wall Mounted TV External Conduit

Cables Run Through Wall

This TV has been mounted & cables have been hidden by running them through the wall. This can only be done in stud walls normally on newer houses.

Wall Mounted TV With Cables Run Through Walls

Cable Channel

Older houses normally don't have stud walls to feed and hide the cables in. If this is the case we can chase the walls out. This involves cutting a channel into the wall to hide cables which can be filled or plastered after the install. The end result as you can see, looks great.

Wall Mounted TV With Cables Cut Into Channel

What ever type of installation you require the team at AAS will be happy to help. Call us today and book your free quote.

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