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Why Might Your Satellite Dish Need To Be Realigned?

If the strength of your satellite dish’s signals has recently been faltering to an uncomfortably frequent extent, there may be a problem with how that dish is currently aligned. This is a more common problem than you might have expected, but here at AAS Advanced Aerial Services, we have the skill and expertise to rectify it.

How Can I Determine Whether My Dish Requires Realignment?

You could find that certain channels, particularly those transmitted through higher frequencies, are peculiarly unavailable. You might also notice that when the weather is particularly poor, the reception suffers. Alternatively, the signal may have entirely dropped.

It’s worth keeping in mind that similar symptoms can arise should your LNB, cable or receiver box become faulty. This means the dish should be entirely looked over – and thankfully, we can fulfil that responsibility as part of our wider satellite TV services.

Trust AAS Aerials to Identify The Source of The Problem

The satellite TV services offered by our team here at AAS Advanced Aerial Services include a complete diagnostic service. We can provide this service should your satellite TV images often disappear or break up; you might learn that something small and easily corrected is to blame.

Still, it shouldn’t be completely ruled out that the dish itself needs to be realigned. This is not something that you could likely easily carry out yourself.

While attempting to tweak your dish’s angle yourself could bring some improvement in the reception, we are best-qualified here at AAS Advanced Aerial Services to do this work safely and in a way that gives you the best possible results.

Contact Our Team To Arrange Your Satellite Dish Realignment

Another possible reason for your reception being overly weak or non-existent is something blocking or interfering with the dish’s line of sight. This could be the case if trees or another building are touching the line of sight, which would certainly be an obvious reason to seek a dish realignment.

Whatever the exact reason may be for the problems with your TV reception, if we deem that your dish’s positioning is indeed the cause, we can adjust or even completely relocate the dish.

We may be able to find a discreet but highly effective new location and position for your dish, so don’t hesitate to contact our office now on 0800 612 5032 for more information about this or any of our other acclaimed satellite TV services.

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