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The Importance of Wireless Alarms in Winter

In 2020, there are so many different options available when looking at home security. From Ring doorbells to Nest security cameras, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices available. For this reason, some of the more straightforward and effective options are now being overlooked, including wireless alarms. In this article, we’re taking a look at why a wireless alarm is an important investment for your home’s security and why winter makes it even more necessary.

The security of your home is of paramount importance at all times of the year, but in winter there are additional factors that make securing your home even more important. After all, burglaries spike by an average of 34% when the clocks go back and dark nights draw in. The problem, therefore, is obvious but the key question to ask is why do crime rates spike and how can an alarm help to combat this?


Darker Evenings

With a reduction in daylight hours, comes an increased opportunity for thieves. Darkness is the ideal condition for them to go unnoticed by passers-by, but when a wireless alarm detects any unknown movement, glass breakage, or other suspicious acts, then sirens, bells or flashing lights will come on alerting neighbors and hopefully scaring the intruder away.


Everyone knows that a big part of Christmas is exchanging gifts, the problem with this is that intruders know it too, which is why you need to protect your home against thieves who want your belongings to themselves. Although no one has a lot of time or money at this time of year, the price of installing a security camera is nothing compared to having your home broken into and having many things stolen. What’s more, is that when you install a wireless security camera it is a lot easier and quicker to install than a wired one saving you both money and time.


Away From Home

In 2018 research revealed that only 33% of Britons want to remain in their own home for Christmas and the rest want to either spend it abroad or somewhere else in the UK. This large number can be worrying since only 31% of homes in the UK have burglar alarms. Ensuring you have a security alarm system set up is crucial if you are going to be away from home, especially in winter and Christmas time.

Many wireless security systems come with remote access so that you can receive an alert if your system picks something unusual up. It then allows you to view the footage to see if it was just your cat going mad or if there is actually an intruder in your home.


Making your security systems stand out to intruders may scare them off alone in fear of getting caught but if not then the sirens and the bright flashing lights are sure to. If you are planning to go away this winter or just want to give your home that extra protection, give us a call on 07989 679 907.

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