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5 Less Common Tips For Improving Your Home Security

You might associate our company purely with TV aerial services – but in truth, many of those seeking the most dependable security systems in the UK also turn to us. We’ve therefore come to know a thing or two about how those who use our services can boost their home security.

Here are five of our favourite tips that you may not have thought about.

Have a locksmith check your doors and windows

Do all of your windows and doors – including internal ones, such as those leading into conservatories and garages – have suitable locks that are properly fitted, in good condition and compliant with the requirements of your insurance? An appropriately vetted and a qualified locksmith will be able to undertake this crucial check.

Be wary of your social media use

If you are living in an area that attracts burglaries and you make it too obvious on social media not only where you live, but also when you are away from your home for an extended period of time – such as for an overseas holiday – you may be prone to thieves striking at your property opportunistically.

Leave your car on the driveway while away

It may be possible to embark on your holiday or business trip without your car – in which case, leave it behind to avoid creating the impression of being away from your property for a while. If you trust your neighbor sufficiently and they are willing and able to assist you in this way, you could even leave the car keys with them so that they can use the car. This may further lead prospective intruders to conclude that you are still around.

Replace your door lock and keys

Has it been a while since your lock and keys were last replaced? Consider whether there may be past owners or tenants of your property who still have copies of your keys, and therefore a means of entering your home. The former owner or tenant themselves may have no plans to enter your property, but if the keys are labeled with the property address and they end up in the wrong hands, there is a clear security risk.

Install security grilles or bars on your windows

While it may seem an undesirably dramatic way for a burglar to achieve entrance to your property, smashing a window of a home to reach the keys and gain entry is by no means a tactic that has gone extinct. You must still be vigilant of this risk, and the good news is that there are many options for better protecting your windows against this eventuality, such as investing in reinforced glass or fitting decorative grilles or bars.

Remember that we can provide some of the most affordable and effective security systems in the UK here at AAS Advanced Aerial Services, so it’s well worth considering how our services could help you to achieve greater peace of mind. Enquire today to receive a competitive quote.

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